The Humble Mudroom on the Rise

The recent heatwave has caused a minor eruption of muddy boots in our mudroom. It reminded us of how important--and yet often overlooked--a good mudroom is for families. We believe the mudroom is in second place for most under-appreciated room in the house after the often-neglected laundry room

It shouldn't be that way. Homeowner tastes can change in a few short years (see kitchen countertop choices, bathtubs, and flooring options, to name a few), but one constant remains for Northshore families: the value of the mudroom. It's the place to stash everything from sports equipment to backpacks to mittens. Some include laundry machines or dog baths and others have workstations. As varied as the people who use them, mudrooms come in different shapes and sizes. In fact, we find some of the greatest value can be found in compact spaces. The common thread is that a well-executed mudroom adds major utility points for the homeowner. It shouldn't be an afterthought when planning a new build or renovation. Mary Jo Bowling has several contributions worth reading at Houzz when planning a mudroom, and we've included a couple we like below, but first take a look at a familiar picture for those of you who have toured new construction in recent years.

Your typical builder-grade, new construction mudroom.

Above is a very common sight in new construction homes: a bank of vertical partitions with hooks, bench, and cubbies above. New home builders use this format by default because it is easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and allows them to check the mudroom box when the property is marketed. It's not particularly imaginative, too tall for kids to reach the top cubbies, and does not provide for closed storage (everything hangs out in the open), but it's fairly efficient and functional for the basics.  

A big improvement over the builder-standard mudroom.

Now take a look at this thoughtfully designed custom mudroom with both open and closed storage, a rolling library ladder to access the top cubbies which are neatly contained by wicker baskets, and dual-level storage for boots and ice skates below with shoes and sandals above. We adore the library ladder and can't wait to install one at the earliest chance we get!

Mudroom plus workstation

In this example, we mixed open and closed storage, spacious closets just out of the frame, and a niche workstation to handle paperwork, charge devices, and schoolwork. No matter the square feet, we really enjoy building a mudroom that punches above its weight class. 

Don't let a mudroom slip by the wayside when contemplating a new home or renovation. It might exist on the periphery of your home, but it serves an important function and can be as eye-catching as the kitchen or bathroom details you spent hours laboring over. If the details of the mudroom are too much to digest now, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to help.     




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