Winter is Coming

Of course we are excited about the new season of Game of Thrones. Winter is also a fantastic time to complete interior work.

Some have asked us when is the ideal time to undertake a significant renovation, and we half-jokingly say "when you are on vacation" because the noise, dust, and presence of workers in your home can be disruptive under the best of circumstances. What better time to depart the frozen tundra of the Chicago area than January or darkest February? A week of sunshine does wonders for mental health, and even more so when your kitchen is non-functional for a while.

If your busy life does not permit a week off, we highly recommend a long weekend or two away from the home while undergoing major renovations. The change in scenery and relief from the temporary disorder of your home will be much appreciated. 

Fall planning is the perfect time for a Winter transformation. Just be sure to also plan a much-needed vacation or mini-vacation to ward off construction-fatigue.  





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