Kohler Verdera

Pronounced love for a recessed medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are often not the most attractive parts of a bathroom, and the older units had very little to admire other than sheer storage capacity. Surface mounted medicine cabinets were particularly unglamorous. 

Enter the recessed medicine cabinet with a low profile, mounted between the studs and typically raised above the drywall by an inch or so.

We're fans of the Kohler Verdera for clean design, adjustable magnifying mirror, and ample storage with a mirrored interior. It comes in various sizes with adjustable shelves to provide increased storage flexibility. Double the order for a double sink vanity, and take one step towards peaceful relations with your beloved. 

In the struggle against bathroom chaos, a sleek medicine cabinet (or two) is a worthy consideration and takes some pressure off of the vanity for storage needs.

May all your mornings be uncluttered.    

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