Grout love, one sample board at a time

Have you ever tried to pick paint from a 1 inch color sample? It's not always easy to envision how a whole room will look, whether the lighting helps or hurts, and if the old couch now finally needs to go to your brother-in-law. To complicate things, there can be a big difference between the sample you see and the actual paint on the wall. So, multiple samples usually get applied to the wall in an effort to narrow down the choices. Picking the right color in the room is a great feeling after a sometimes lengthy effort.

Something similar happens when picking the right grout for your tiles. The sample pictures you see are not often very accurate representations of the real color, grout manufacturers provide 3 millimeter slivers of their products to drive you mad, and unlike your ability to repaint a room that did not turn out the way you wanted, grout mistakes are not easily corrected. Paints come and go. Let's just say that you and your grout are in a long-term relationship.

We like to use an actual grout board for our clients to show which grout options are best for a particular tile choice. Lay it on the floor, open the shades, and turn on the lights. Pick from the menu or start over. Many a bathroom have been insulted by leaving this decision to others, so take some time and just feel the grout love. We do.  

Grout. Contain your excitement. 


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