Our Best of 2017

Whew. 2017 was hectic, especially near the end. We took the last two months off from our blog because we've been doing plenty of unglamorous work. We dug a bunch of deep holes in the ground and poured plenty of concrete. Let's just say it's not the stuff of homeowner fantasy.

If you've seen one hole in the ground surrounded by concrete, you've seen them all.

If you've seen one hole in the ground surrounded by concrete, you've seen them all.

In addition to the recent dig-and-pour cycle, we had the opportunity to work on some wonderful projects for some equally wonderful clients. Here are some of our favorite outcomes in 2017.

Best Updated Classic Master Bathroom

This master bath is compact in an irregular footprint, but it cleaned up nicely. We are fans of the classic style with updated details, and you can see more in the Master Bath, Before and After.   



Best Mudroom Makeover

From builder afterthought to an organized champ, we helped one family tame the mudroom monster. We especially liked the L-shaped storage unit for shoes and dog accessories. Read more at Mudroom Misery to Mastery.


Best Modern Master Bath

Imagine stepping into perfectly preserved bathroom from 1981, full of glorious peach tones and plush carpet under foot. You've got your Earth, Wind, and Fire record playing "Let's Groove" as you prepare to step into a 120 gallon maroon tub. Now fast-forward 36 years to Bathroom Series 3 of 3 for a modern spa.


Best Kitchen Makeover

This Italianate kitchen was updated in the existing footprint for the current owners, and now it fits the style of their home perfectly. Check out Kitchen Clean Up for all the details.




Best Large Scale Renovation

This 1925 colonial in Winnetka needed a major overhaul, and we rebuilt large portions of this dilapidated property over several months. We preserved much of the classic style while preparing it for a long second life in the 21st century. Read more of this 8-part series at Winnetka Colonial Chronicles.  


None of this could have been possible in 2017 without the support of our amazing clients, and we owe them our gratitude for entrusting us with these  projects. We wish them and you a warm and rewarding New Year!





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