Synchronized Chaos

2016 started at full throttle, and the last few weeks seemed like one demolition scene after another. Exposed pipes snaking around the floor, the smell of freshly cut wood framing, the methodic thumping of a pneumatic nail gun, 4:30 am text messages to clients, paint samples on the wall to find that perfect color for the dining room, a gnarly problem averted, the extra effort from a delivery driver that makes it possible to move 650 lbs of tile uphill on an icy driveway, an urgent call to a supplier in Georgia for that last available faucet, again and again, and then, suddenly . . .

The drywall is up. Something about that moment feels right. It's a turning of the corner, a sight of the end. What previously had no shape is now taking form. There is an outcome in our minds coming to fruition. The clients breathe a collective sigh of relief. They and we know that functionality is coming soon. The tangible things they can feel and see are near. It's just a moment in time, but a satisfying one. 

As if by magic, a few jobs crossed the drywall line simultaneously. We didn't plan it that way, but we'll take it anyhow. We're looking forward to posting some pictures in the coming weeks as our work comes to an end and new projects begin. A tip of the hat to enjoying synchronized chaos, as fleeting as it may be!  

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