Honest Renovations

For those of you seeking for a dose of renovation reality, check out an architect's multi-chapter renovation of his own New York brownstone at Curbed. It's a hot read, and the hard truth is on full display. Brent Allen Buck's advice to people contemplating a serious renovation is worth repeating here:  

Be honest with yourself and those you work with. Work with people you like. You're doing something stressful (and that few people get to do) and it's ultimately worth it.

Also in the spirit of accepting the hard truth and the value of honesty, it's good to see an HGTV celebrity disclose the facts behind these 3-days-and-presto style renovations. 15 to 20 construction crew members in the space simultaneously, with new kitchens ranging from $50,000 to $75,000 . . . it might make for good ratings, but it's a far cry from reality. More from John Colaneri at an interview in Wayfair.  

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